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Working Since 2005

Adelfa started making instant "salabat" with the capital of P5,000.00. Due to her efforts and the help of different government and non-government agencies, the business grew and the demand for ginger brew increased.

After one year, a doctor and friend, who has been a drinker of instant salabat, gave Adelfa the idea of adding "luyang dilaw" (turmeric) in her ginger brew because of its amazing benefits as a herbal medicine. She tried the idea and it is when the business started to grow. As time goes on, different other herbs and medicinal plants were added into the brew such as malunggay, banaba, pandan, lagundi, sambong, lemon grass, guyabano, gynura procumbens, and tarragon.

Because of positive feedbacks from the customers regarding the product's amazing health benefits, there had been an overwhelming demand for Delfa's ginger brew known as 7 in 1 Herbal Powder Drink (even if the herbs added obviously exceeded seven). Advertisements were done for free through the word-of-mouth of happy customers. And in return, the owners were glad that 7 in 1 Herbal Powder Drink had helped thousands in their health concerns - from simple cough to high blood pressure, high level of uric acid, and kidney complications among many others.

Aside from the 7 in 1 Herbal Powder Drink, Delfa's started manufacturing other agri-based, all-natural products such as Tablea de Cacao - Tsokolate Alfonso (pure chocolate tablets), pickled papaya, ube halaya, leche flan, coco jam, civet coffee, and black pepper among others.

From Adelfa's P5,000 capital in the year 2000s, she now have four (4) stores, a hundred employees, awards and recognitions, over 300 distributors all over the Philippines, and thousands of happy customers.

And for us at Delfa's Food Products, Inc., the best is yet to come as business expansions are underway and the world waits as we conquer it.